Vision & Objectives


Undisputed status of Leadership through Excellence – a responsible, sustainable and respected association and flag state, committed to continuous improvement – and to constructively influencing the Bahamas Maritime Authority and the future of the shipping industry – by 2020.


To work across national, regional and international government and governmental bodies to support and protect the BSA members’ interests and through providing active and cost effective support, including relevant information, meeting members’ needs for the delivery of safe, efficient, and environmentally sound marine transportation, and by combining the strength of our members advance the competitive strength of the Bahamian Registry, raising the BSA profile within industry as a quality Association whilst upholding the BMA as a symbol of quality and promoting the Registry, and by doing so create enduring value for all Stakeholders.

Strategic Objectives

  • Monitor developments in the shipping industry impacting the interests of the BSA members and communicating such developments with the members
  • Represent the BSA members to national, regional, international and other relevant authorities, promoting our members’ interests and strengthening corporate interests on a political level
  • Cooperate with international shipping bodies to promote mutually beneficial interests
  • Ensure that the BSA members’ commercial interests are embodied in national, regional and international regulation, ensuring competitiveness on equal terms within the industry
  • To advance maritime and environmental sustainability at an international level, promoting safety and quality together with the BMA
  • To cooperate with and proactively support the BMA in its role as a leading international Flag, enhancing the competitiveness and growth of the Bahamian Register whilst ensuring a fleet of the highest quality
  • To support the Bahamian Maritime cluster

Progressive, Effective, Trusted, Visible


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