The Bahamas Flag

The Bahamas is the flag of choice for many of the world’s finest fleets and the flag has a reputation for high quality and excellence. Through constant focus on safety, a high rate responsiveness by the Bahamas Maritime Authority and a pragmatic approach to fusing operational and regulatory matters, the Bahamas flag is the trusted first option flag for many of the biggest players in international shipping.

The main reasons why the Association’ members have chosen the Bahamas flag are:


  • The quality of the Bahamas Register is well known and highly respected across the world
  • The fleet, which includes a wide cross section of ship types and nations, is renowned for being young and in fact the BMA actively discourages older vessels from joining the Register
  • With one of the world’s finest records for port state inspections, Bahamas registered shipowners can be confident that their fleet will have few if any problems with inspections
  • A member of the IMO Council, The Bahamas is an active participant in the Council’s work and well represented and very active player at the IMO
  • The BMA has a powerful voice in world shipping and influences the development of policies and legislation both nationally and on the international stage
  • The BMA listens to the voices of its shipowners and reflects their interests through the work of and in close cooperation with the Bahamas Shipowners Association

Progressive, Effective, Trusted, Visible


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