Becoming a Member

Membership to the Bahamas Shipowners Association is open to any shipowner with a ship registered with the Bahamas Flag. Please contact the BSA Secretariat for further details.

The purpose of the Bahamas Shipowners Association is to promote members’ common interests. Members pool knowledge and experience, and collectively provide a clear voice in the development of the maritime industry.

The BSA’s Board of Directors is made up of shipowners from various nations and shipping sectors – ferry and shortsea vessels, cruise ships, reefers, high quality tankers and operators of dry bulk carriers – no group goes unheard or unrepresented. The Board holds regular meetings to review proposals affecting the shipping industry, develop strategies and delegations from the BSA also meet annually with regulatory bodies such as the US Coast Guard, the US Environmental Protection Agency and the European Commission. Representatives from the BSA also regularly attends the IMO Committees and Sub-Committees as well as the ICS Committees, Sub-Committees and Panels where the BSA promotes the views of its members.

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