Carbon Free or Net Zero Carbon? – that is the question!

4th September 2021

October 6, 2021  /  Teams Webinar

Get the Facts and understand the Politics

Attention is turning to emissions from shipping as part of Global action to combat the Climate Crisis.

Changes to regulation are made on domestic, regional as well as on a global level and the IMO target is set to achieve a 70% carbon reduction from shipping by 2050. Governments, including the United States, regional entities and major players within the industry are now calling for Carbon Free shipping by the same time.

What are the politics behind this aim, and is it even achievable? Ships we build today will most likely still be sailing in 2050, and with no technology nor fuels readily available at large scales, is Net-zero Carbon shipping a more viable option?

Heading into MEPC 77 and COP 26, shipping faces potential major changes.

As a reminder, the Board of the Bahamas Shipowners Association invites you to take part in our Industry Forum for an interactive discussion with leading stakeholders.

All are welcome to join!


John Adams, Chair of the Bahamas Shipowners Association, Managing Director of V-Ships UK Ltd., and who has just completed two-terms as ICS Vice Chair, and still chairs the ICS Long-Term Measures (GHG Strategy) Group which interfaces with the maritime industry ‘Round-Table’ associations in developing proposals to MEPC 77, will moderate the panel discussion on the challenges facing shipping in achieving the Climate Change targets.

“The Climate Crisis is already a fact and all predictions show the situation will worsen – shipping needs to be part of the solution to safeguard our own safety and that of future generations.”





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