The sea has been used for transport of goods and people throughout all times of history. The sea has unique features allowing transport of large quantities of goods using very little energy as compared to any other mode of transport, ensuring sea transport is the most environmentally friendly mean of transport.

However, the unique features of the sea and its environment matters to all of us, both now and for future generations, and the sea needs to be protected from harm. Shipping, if not done right, can lead to enormous catastrophises to the maritime environment and more generally to the World’s environment as a whole. Examples are of course oil and chemical spills as well as emissions of Green House Gases, but less widely known among the public are such issues as the effects of invasive species carried by ballast water exchange and the effects of underwater noise of ships.

Although already the least polluting mode of transport, work with reducing the environmental footprint of shipping does not stop there. It is in all of our interest to further reduce any negative environmental impact of the shipping industry. The Bahamas Shipowners Association recognise the importance of further developing sustainable shipping and actively participate in this work through particularly active participation in the work of the International Chamber of Shipping.

The Bahamas Shipowners Association supports the development of competitively neutral regulation and solutions as a way of reducing any negative environmental effects of shipping. Likewise, introduction of such regulation and technical solutions need to have a shown effect on achieving what is set out to be achieved. It is also important that development of technical solutions to be implemented through regulation should stem from an identified need. The Bahamas Shipowners Association does not support development which is technically driven.

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